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Miss Power Woman Australia 2017

Name: Monique

Motto in life: Passion and Persistence are the Keys to Success

What makes you a power woman?

I am a true PowerWoman because I am bold, fearless, feminine and I do everything in my professional and personal life with passion and the ambition to succeed and inspire others along the journey.

Write a short paragraph describing who you are:

I am a young female Australian entrepreneur who loves what she does everyday. I am ambitious, driven and a leader who comes with love and the desire to help others succeed. As a woman I embrace old fashioned classical values and I believe that a woman can stay feminine and still achieve absolutely anything in life if she puts her heart and soul into every endeavor.


  • What is your career?
    I am an Australian entrepreneur within the higher education, employment and real estate industry. I am the excitable and socially driven company director of behind Exceptional Tuition and Resumes and Exceptional Real Estate.
  • What is your education?
    I hold a Bachelor of Business majoring human resources and industrial relations, a Certificate IV in training and assessment, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, OHS certificate and fully real estate license and registration.
  • What awards or titles have you won?
    Winner of the 2013 Business Achiever Award for 5 or Less Employees (All of Gold Coast / All industries), Winner of the 2012 Gold Coast Young Citizen of the Year Award for Australia Day Awards, Winner of the 2012 Young Outstanding Alumnus Award - Griffith University, Finalist in the 2013 Gold Coast Young Manager of the Year Awards 2013 Australian Institute of Management AIM 30 Under 30 Managers Making Their Mark National List, Finalist - 2013 Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist - 2013 Startup Smart Awards, Finalist in the 2012 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
  • List your top professional or personal accomplishments to date?
    My top professional accomplishments include: Winner of the 2013 Business Achiever Award for 5 or Less Employees (All of Gold Coast / All industries - I beat 80 other companies), Winner of the 2012 Gold Coast Young Citizen of the Year Award for Australia Day Awards and Winner of the 2012 Young Outstanding Alumnus Award - Griffith University. I won these three major awards due to my excellence in business and my continual commitment to mentoring, training and helping university graduates to achieve success outside of their academic endeavours. My personal accomplishments include being a professional paid speaker at many large events and purchasing and investing in property on my own since I was 21.
  • What are your hobbies?
    I am an avid latin dancer and have a passion for dancing Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and Zouk in a social environment. I am also a self taught singer and songwriter who writes original heart felt musical ballads. I also love to walk 10km on the beach everyday.
  • What is your favorite thing to do?
    I love any opportunity speak on stage or attend any social, business, community and any other networking event as I love to socialise, dance, meet people who are well accomplished and connect to others who are successful in business, yet completely relaxed. I love to be inspired by successful people.
  • Modeling experience
    Currently an Australian Finalist in the 2017 International Bombshell beauty pageant (judging in May in Melbourne)
    Griffith International photoshoot 2014
    Faces of Griffith photoshoot 2016
    Various shoots for Bob McGahan Photography
    Photoshoot for Studio Present Photography
    Finalist Miss Gold Coast Show Competition 2005
    Finalist in Miss Gold Coast Show Competition 2010
    Fine Art Model for Mike Scott Photography
    Model for Katy Carlson Photography
    Model for the Black and Gold Fashion Between the Flags Fashion Parade (as part of Surfers Paradise Festival 2010)
  • Where is your favorite place to be?
    I simply love to be on the dancefloor.
  • Do you consider yourself a party person or a home person, why?
    I am a party person because I love any opportunity to network, meet like minded entrepreneurs and be inspired by people of influence. I am a party person because I am often one of the first ones on the dancefloor and when I am dancing I am my complete self, with no fear, no inhibitions and I connect to my carefree side.
  • Who is your hero and why?
    My hero is the remarkable Oprah Winfrey as she is a woman who is living my absolute dream. Coming from a simple background she worked hard to achieve her ambitions and like her, my lifelong dream is to be on TV, to host a TV show, to meet incredible people and to use her power and influence to inspire and show kindness and generosity to anyone who comes within her environment.
  • What is your greatest strength?
    Being entrepreneurially minded, I am very socially driven and an excellent networker personally and professionally.
  • Most scary animal or insect?
    I am afraid of sharks, as I would have no chance to fight and survive.
  • What are you freakishly addicted to?
    I am addicted to chocolate ice-cream
  • What color relates to your personality and why?
    My colour is red as I am highly passionate, bold and I am of Latina background
  • Why did you enter the competition?
    I entered this competition as I want to push myself to the limit and achieve the best version of myself as I can. I would also be so honored to finally pursue my dreams of being on TV so that I can prove to every woman around me now and in the future that you can succeed by staying ambitious, feminine and holding onto old good values.
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